Pro-tip: Format text on your Storefront with Markdown

Science Exchange supports a syntax called Markdown that allows you to format your Storefront and Service descriptions. You can add headers, lists, bold or italicize text, add links and more, which can help when  your Lab Summary or Service Descriptions are heavy with content.


Some examples of frequently used Markdown shortcuts are:



Using hashtags, you can delineate a line of text as a header.

# This is a level 1 header

## This is a level 2 header

### This is a level 3 header


Surrounding text with an underscore will italicize it.

  • _I like rocket science_ becomes I like rocket science

Surrounding text with double asterisks will bold it.

  • **I like rocket science**  becomes I like rocket science

Our Customer Success personnel can help to optimize the look and layout of your Storefront and Service descriptions for you. If you’d like our help with this, please email