How do I get paid?

Providers on the Science Exchange Marketplace enjoy guaranteed payment from us as well as no subscription or project completion fees, making earning money easier. All of our benefits are funded by the researchers seeking your expertise, who pay a nominal percentage above your Lab Total.


How It Works


  1. When the customer accepts a quote, Science Exchange will issue you a PO.
  2. Once you receive the PO from Science Exchange, you can begin work.
  3. After you finish, you need to mark the order complete on the order page.
  4. After the customer receives the deliverables, they will be prompted to mark the order complete.
  5. Science Exchange will issue payment per the terms on the PO (covered in the next section).
  6. You may send an invoice to




Your Purchase Order (PO) and Payment Terms


The PO terms are variable based on the customer (Net 30, Net 60, or Net 90). The payment terms will be listed on the PO issued from Science Exchange to your facility, which can be downloaded on our website.


Upfront and Milestone Payments


We can facilitate upfront payments (must be for animals or reagents) or milestone upon customer approval and receipt of customer payment by Science Exchange. To request these types of payments, please add the upfront or milestone as a separate line item when you use the Science Exchange “Create Quote” button and specify the $ amount. Also include the details in the “Notes” section on the quote. When you get approval for upfront or milestone payment, please send an invoice for those line items to


Faster Payment Methods


Tired of waiting for checks in the mail? Please contact our billing department at to get signed up for direct deposit.


More Questions?


Science Exchange is the paying entity to your lab, so any billing questions should be sent to and not to the researcher who requested your services.