How do I get paid?

One of the benefits of Science Exchange is that we are the paying entity to your lab meaning we guarantee payment directly to you from Science Exchange. There is no need to contact the customer about payment, thereby reducing the load on your billing department.

Science Exchange will issue you a PO so you can begin work immediately. To download your PO, go to the Orders page, and then Order Details. Click Download Purchase Order. Once you finish an order, you should mark the order complete. Then post a message to remind the requester to mark the order complete on their end. After they do so, Science Exchange will automatically issue and mail a check to the Payment Destination listed under your Settings tab. To add or update your Payment Destination, click Dashboard, Settings, and then Payment Destination. Then click Add Payment Destination.

Science Exchange is the paying entity to your lab, so any billing questions should be sent to and not to the researcher who requested your services.