How do I manage and optimize my Storefront?

You have full control over the information listed on your Storefront. To get started editing your Storefront, sign in and click “Dashboard.” On your Dashboard, you will see your Activities, Storefront, Orders, Settings, Marketing, and Reports tabs.


Click the Storefront Tab, and then the Edit Lab button. The Edit Lab button allows you to update your lab logo, location, and the general summary of your company, which should include your history, capabilities, and relevant technology.


On the left hand side, you also have more options to customize your Storefront. Upload files to the Resources section such as sample preparation, shipping and handling information, example data, etc. Or, upload Lab Photos of your team, facility, or equipment. 


The Services section is the most important area of your Storefront. To add services, sign in and press the Manage Storefront button. Then click the green Add Services button. Start typing the name into the name field and select your service from the drop-down menu.


You can add a description to your Service or leave it blank, but the more information you provide, the better requesters will be able to understand your capabilities. Plus, our search engine pulls information from the Services description, so adding more information helps with your search rankings. Be sure to add the information customers are looking for, such as:


- Instrumentation

- Animals models, cell lines, and/or antibodies you have access to

- Sample requirements (what is required from researcher to perform the experiment)

- Deliverables for each service (including returned samples if appropriate)

- Average turnaround times

- Starting prices for more commoditized services

You can add Service Tags such as equipment, species, or therapeutic area. Just type the service tag in the name field, and select it from the drop-down menu. If you make any changes, press the green Save Changes button.