What is the difference between the Marketplace and Concierge service?

The Marketplace is a self-serve service. You can search for a service, request quotes from service providers of interest, accept the quote of your choice, and manage your project via our platform. Our Customer Success Managers will work closely with you to get quotes that meet your needs, and provide administrative and project management support. Moreover, Customer Success Managers will help manage your relationship with the service provider to ensure that important project milestones and deliverables are delivered to your satisfaction. The Marketplace is recommended when you are looking for services that are commoditized.


The Concierge service is a white-glove service. You'll work closely with our Sourcing Managers - Ph.D. scientists with diverse scientific expertise. They will leverage their knowledge of the marketplace and identify the most qualified service providers for your project requirements. Sourcing Managers will present you with multiple quote options. You'll then select your quote, begin your project, and manage it via our platform.

The Concierge service is recommended when you are looking for unique, custom services. If you cannot identify a service provider for your project on our marketplace, please contact our Concierge team here. Our Sourcing Managers will leverage their knowledge of our marketplace - both the public and the private provider network - and identify service providers for you.