How can I search for services?

 Searching on Science Exchange is simple! You can submit up to 5 requests for quotation so you can get multiple options.

1. Type in the service or experiment you're looking for.Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_14.24.21.png


2. Narrow down your search results using keywords or filters.Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_14.25.39.png


3. You can also browse related services.Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_14.28.46.png


4. Click into the description to view additional details. You can also review the Provider's profile to see past customer reviews!Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_14.33.50.png


If all of this seems overwhelming, please contact Science Exchange Support at or (855) 467-2439. We'd be happy to help you!