How does Science Exchange work?

Science Exchange provides the fastest path to scientific innovation and discovery through our marketplace.

There are two ways to use Science Exchange:

Self-serve Marketplace:

  1. Search for your service of interest.
  2. Request quotes from multiple providers to compare pricing.
  3. Place your order with the chosen provider to begin your project.
  4. Manage your project through our comprehensive platform.
  5. Submit payment to Science Exchange once your order is complete.

Concierge Service:

Use our white-glove service and partner with our team of Ph.D. scientists with diverse expertise.

  1. Submit your request to our team.
  2. Sourcing Managers will present you with multiple quote options.
  3. Make your decision.

By using our Concierge service, you can allocate time to your own research rather than on administrative tasks such as, searching for providers and negotiating pricing!